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Coconino County Sheriff's Office     The Coconino County Jail is a regional holding facility in Flagstaff, which houses both sentenced and un-sentenced misdemeanor and felony adult offenders. The Flagstaff facility has an operating capacity of 477 beds, which is 80% of the total 596 available beds. There also is a 24-bed, short term holding facility in Page. The facility in Page is used to temporarily house people arrested in the northern part of the state before transporting to the Flagstaff facility.

     The Coconino County Jail houses inmates for local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and courts in Northern Arizona. The number one objective of the Detention Division staff is to provide a safe and secure environment for inmates and staff, while guaranteeing the Constitutional rights of those being held. This in turn is an important part of community safety and quality of life.

     There are several programs that provide services and ensure rights to Flagstaff inmates, including:  Medical and Counseling Services, Mental Health Services, Kitchen Services, Laundry Services, Juvenile Education Services, Adult Education & Special Education Services, Library Services, Video Court Services, Attorney Video Visitation Services, Civil Rights Attorney Services, Health and Well-Being Services, Substance Abuse Programs, Religious Programs, Native American Programs, Inmate Work Programs, and Commissary Services.  Volunteers for Detention Facility Programs should contact 928-226-5211. 

     Coconino County Jail's newest program is called Exodus - an In-Custody Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. For more information on this treatment program, contact 928-226-5338.


(928) 779-0357

Contact Information for the Coconino County Jails in Flagstaff and Page

Flagstaff Facility:
951 E. Sawmill Rd.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Phone: (928) 226-5200
Page Facility:
713 Tunnel Rd / PO Box 7445
Page, AZ 86040
Phone: (928) 645-8873
Phone Administration: (928) 226-5081 / (928) 226-5067

Lobby / Visitation - Flagstaff
Visitors need to arrive between:
    8:00 and 11:30 am
    1:00 and 4:30 pm
    7:00 and 8:30 pm

Lobby / Visitation - Page



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Adult Probation


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EXODUS - Drug & Alcohol Treatment


Inmate Programs / Chaplain Services


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Volunteer Programs


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Don't Waste Time Get'em Out Now!

Credit Card Bail Bonds

Posting Bail at Coconino County Jail

     Bonds may be posted 24 hours per day for inmates incarcerated at the jails in Flagstaff and Page.  Between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, bonds must be posted at the Courts; all other times, bonds may be posted directly at the jail.

     Unless you are going through a bail bondsman, the full amount of the bail must be posted in cash.  If you do not have the full bail amount you may use a licensed bondsman (see list of qualified bail bond companies below).  Licensed bondsman will charge a fee between 10-15% of the bond amount.  Bail Bond agents will also require that you put up collateral that will be held as security for the bond.

Credit Card Bail Service
Fast and Convenient


     The quickest means of getting an inmate out of jail is to use a credit card.  Your card can be charged for not only the 10% fee but also for the full amount of bail so you won't need to struggle with collateral.  When the case is over and the bond has been exonerated, you will receive a refund of the bail amount (10% fee is non-refundable).
     Call for details (928) 779-0357

Inmate Inquiry

     If you need general information from the Jail, including, visitation, criminal charges and/or bail bonds, please call:
Jail Booking at (928) 226-5245.

     If you would like to bond an inmate out of jail please call (928) 779-0357, or fill out the Inmate Inquiry Form below.  An agent will contact you by phone. 

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Date of Birth:
Your Name:
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Other Info:

Coconino County Approved Bail Bondsmen

Tallini Bail Bonds: (928) 779-0357

Cash Only Bail Bonds: (928) 773-1997

Navapache Bail Bonds: (928) 779-1999

Flagstaff's Cheapest Bail Bonds: (928) 213-3434

Freedom Bail Bonds: (928) 532-0878

Outlaw Bail Bonds: (928) 524-2245

Inmate Telephone Service at the Coconino County Jail and Page Holding Facility

Additional information about Telmate's inmate calling service, can be found by clicking the following link: http://www.telmate.com/
     Coconino County Sheriff's Office has contracted with Telmate to provide telephone services to inmates and their family/friends with easy-to-use inmate telephone calling services at affordable rates. To help Coconino County inmates stay connected with the outside world, Telmate provides the following multiple calling options.

1. Collect Calls - Inmate places a collect call that is accepted and paid for by the party they are calling e.g. the friends and family members.
*Note: Inmates CANNOT make Collect Calls to Cell Phones, Business Phones or numbers that are blocked from receiving collect calls.

2. Destination Number Prepaid Account - Prepaid call accounts are set up by the called party (e.g. the inmate's family/friends.) to eliminate the problem of collect call blocks. Inmates can place prepaid calls to cell phones, office phones, hospitals and other commercial phone numbers that normally do not accept collect calls. When an inmate calls the end user, the call charges are deducted from the called party's prepaid account.

3. Inmate Prepaid Account - Friends and Family add money to an inmate's prepaid account, allowing the inmate to call any unblocked number they choose. Inmate Family/Friends and others can easily and quickly set up a Prepaid Call Account, add money to an Inmate Prepaid Account, or Inmate Trust account by one of the following methods:

• Call Telmate toll-free at 1-866-516-0115
• Via Telmate's Website at http://www.telmate.com/
• Via Facility Kiosk located in the lobby at The Coconino County Detention Facility and Page Holding Facility

     *Note: Telmate allows a ONE TIME, 1-MINUTE Complimentary Free call between the inmate and the called party when the number that the inmate is trying to call is blocked from receiving collect calls. 
     Blocking / Unblocking Numbers: Telmate's inmate telephone service allows you to block your number so that inmates at the Coconino County Detention Facility and Page Holding Facility cannot call your number.
     For any Customer Service Issues regarding Inmate Telephone Services, please contact Telmate at 1-866-516-0115

     Friends and Family can now leave inmates' a voice mail message up to 3 minutes for only $1.25. Just call 1-866-516-0115 and follow the prompts.